Spring Cleaning

Hello Friends! With the warmer temperatures here to stay and long summer days on the horizon, I have been thinking about letting go of everything that’s no longer serving us from winter.


I am making a vow to let go of any negative thoughts that are no longer helping me. That’s what negative thoughts are, right? They develop in some way to help us, protect us, keep us safe… and at the same point leave us stuck, feeling hurt, and lacking confidence. I know for me, a consistent negative thought is that I don’t do enough and that I need to be better in all aspects of my life. This thought constantly drives me, pushes me to do more, be better, and try harder. However, it also leaves me feeling discourage and unable to be present and fully appreciate what I am doing, because I am just thinking about and planning for the next task I “need” to conquer. This spring, I am going to recognize that this thought is meant to help me, to drive my goals… but I am also going to recognize that I should trust myself and know that I will continue to achieve without berating myself and putting myself down.


I am making a vow to let go of clothes that I have been holding onto for years. My drawers overflow, my closet is incredibly cramped. There are many outfits for those “what if” occasions, that never do seem to come. I am going to let go of the clothes that I hold onto, even though they still have tags on them and it is clear that they doesn’t spark joy within me.



I am making a vow to let go of engrained habits. For the past three years, I have been drinking a smoothie every morning once the weather got nice. Last week, I got a loaf of wheat sourdough bread, and I have been eating peanut butter and strawberry sandwiches for breakfast. I felt like I was hurting smoothies’ feelings, and then I recognized that that’s pretty doofy and that when my body is craving smoothies again, I will start making them.


I am making a vow to let go of excess food in my cabinets that I have been stowing away for a rainy day that hasn’t come. I have black bean pasta that I tried and did not like however haven’t let go of because I feel guilty about wasting food. All of the extra food that’s been sitting around in your kitchen, all the half empty condiments that you store up, the bags of pretzel crumbs.. stop saying that “you’ll eat it one day”, let go of them. Donate the food, put it in the compost, if you don’t have a compost find one in your town. Or simply throw it away, because holding onto it creates a burden for you and prevents you from being creatively free in the kitchen.


What do you vow to let go of this spring?


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