Portland Adventures, But Mostly Eats

Hello friends! Happy hump day 🙂 how is everyone? This past weekend, I took my boyfriend to Portland, Maine for his quarter century birthday present. This was my first time there, and there was an incredible vibe this city radiates. Portland is peaceful, charming, and filled to the brim with stellar food options (mostly seafood, note the location), so the majority of our time spent there was eating. Eating through a city is the best way to get to know it, no?

On our way we stopped at the Nibble Lighthouse.



The overcast day added to the beauty and peacefulness of the scene. The rest of the day was spent exploring the city, which is incredibly easy to do in several hours because of how teeny and cozy Portland is. We stopped at Maine Squeeze (ha, get it?) which became my go to place for the weekend.


We stopped in the Cabot store, which was pretty life changing. All the cheeses were out and about, ready and willing to be sampled with different pretzels, crackers, and breads. We got some buffalo cheddar for later while there.


The next day was the highlight of the trip, potentially highlight of my 2016: a walking food tour of Portland. I’ll keep the words to a minimum and let the pictures speak for themselves.


Fruit with espresso and chocolate balsamic, honey mead.


Lobster mac and cheese, heart eyes emoji to the max.



Warm scones with wild blueberry jam.


Goat cheese, cheddar cheese, gouda cheese, and clementines and pickles as palette cleansers.


Cod with coleslaw and bean/rice creation.


All the truffles. One was goat cheese truffle, super interesting.


Cutiepie with his beer.


Up close and personal, a new lobster friend. Don’t worry, we didn’t end up eating him.

It was such a fun experience to get to explore the city as well as the local, favorite food spots.


The rest of the day was spent, you guessed it, centered around more food.


I read about this restaurant that serves brussels sprouts in lots of unique ways, and this was the snack I was most looking forward to on this trip. We tried Caesar brussels sprouts, and boy were they fantastic. Never would I have anticipated a day where brussels sprouts would be something I would count down to, just goes to show how tastebuds change when you start incorporating healthier food into your diet! Not to mention the fact that these sprouts were smothered in cheese and breadcrumbs. We went out to a nice birthday dinner at David’s Restaurant in order to celebrate Felix’s big day.


Some sort of delicious coconut boozy drink, and coconut curry mussels.


Ahi tuna with peanut soba noodles and asparagus.


Creme brûlée as the birthday cake.

The next morning was centered around more food.


His and her smoothies from The Maine Squeeze. 

And then to another exciting food place that I was counting down until….


THE HOLY DONUT! As you can read on the sign, the donuts are made out of mashed potatoes. Lol what? I don’t get it, but all I know is that they are outrageous.


I got this dark chocolate coconut donut, and Felix got a canoli donut. So unique and delicious. The rest of the morning we went to a park on the beach and wandered around before it was time to head back for meal prepping and half marathon training.



This coming weekend I’ll be in Providence, Rhode Island cheering on Felix’s sister who is running a marathon (!!!) so I will be back next week with another foodie travel guide for y’all. Enjoy the rest of your week XOXO.



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