Recent Eats, Loving the Heat, and Sister Sweets

Hello friends! How is everyone this week? I want today’s post to be a mix of what’s been going on lately, and an awesome stirfry recipe. Let’s get to it!


Friday night my boyfriend and I made white Russians and chocolate covered strawberries. Doesn’t this look professionally done?! I guess it’s not that hard to melt some chocolate chips in the microwave and smear that over some berries. I also love chocolate covered blueberries, cherries, bananas… okay, pretty much any fruit/any food item.


Saturday my sister and best friend in the world came to visit all the way from Dirty Jerz. Together, we did lots of eating and lots of walking. Over 13 miles on Saturday, to be exact. My legs are not wanting to half marathon train after that. It was about 65 degrees on Saturday though — how could we not soak up that goodness?!



We explored Harvard and MIT areas, two really fun and popping places near my apartment. And we caught sight of lots of flowers starting to bloom, spring is sprunging!! Don’t mind my shadow lurking in the picture…


We stopped at Life Alive, an incredible vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge that brings fresh and healthy flavors in really interesting combinations, and also has a really zen and fun vibe. We both got the “Harvest Alive” smoothie, which has kale, avocado, lemon juice, banana, chia seeds, dates, and almond milk. Yum!!! Then we walked over to balance that out with a sandwich from Flour, which I was so excited about that I forgot to take a picture. It had roasted sweet potatoes, walnut pesto, apples, blue cheese, and kale on honey whole wheat bread. To. Die. For. I will dream of this sandwich every time my head hits the pillow. Life Alive and Flour are two places that I want to start doing recipe recreations for, because I need you to be able to taste these wondrous creations even if you’re not living in the Boston area.


After strolling down the esplanade, which is the pretty walkway next to the Charles River that runs through the city, we walked over to the Bunker Hill Monument to meet up with my boyfriend who works around there. I assumed I was in somewhat great shape, and it’s about 300 steps to the top of this tower. I thought, piece of cake. Famous last words, because I was huffing and puffing while walking at a snail’s pace. This monument is a Revolutionary War landmark, and has a museum attached where there were papers written by elementary school kids who wrote about what freedom means to them – super cute.


We then wandered over to the Downeast Cider Brewery for a tour. The cider made here has less sugar than most ciders I’ve tasted, and the brewery has lots of fun activities to do like Battleship, Connect 4 and Cards Against Humanity. I got a maple pecan blend, yum. Then we went to Sugar and Spice for dinner, where my sister and I shared shrimp dumplings, and I got pad see ew with shrimp. We pretended like we would maybe go out at night, but ended up crashing before 10.


The next day, we had some protein pancakes (2 ingredients necessary for the base, bananas and eggs.) (which look a little something like this..)


We then did a 5 mile run around the reservoir, despite the fact that our legs were tired and sad. I’m the biggest proponent of listening to your body, but that day my training plan outweighed that desire. It’s Tuesday and my legs are still unhappy, so remember – bodies always know best, listen to them over a paper telling you how much to run per day.


We headed over to Davis Sq, a cute part of Somerville that had a lot of fun St. Patrick’s Day activities going on (that we did not partake in.) We stopped at Mr. Crepes, where I got a beet, goat feta, spinach, walnut combo that was glorious. That was topped off with some dairy free chocolate coconut icecream. I employed my sister (Beckie) in helping me with my meal prep for the week, aka she kept me company while I whipped up this yummy stirfry.


I made brown rice in one pan. In the other, I mixed up a combo of cauliflower, red peppers, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms with chickpeas. I added honey and Organic Ville Sesame Teriyaki sauce. I let that simmer and brown, and then I mixed it with the rice. Dinner for the week is served! And then Beckie and I treated ourselves to a nice dinner…


Salmon, quinoa and sprouts. The sprouts were glazed in balsamic, and the salmon sauce was a mix of honey, dijon mustard, and brown sugar. Awesome, filling combo!

This weekend was a great reminder of what happens when the sun shines and you’re with the people that mean the most to you. Cherish those special relationships in your life, they aren’t common and definitely fill the heart and soul up. To close, I got this cookbook in the mail that I am so, so excited about.


I have been a fan of Erin Gleeson at The Forest Feast ( for a while now, and finally ordered her stunning cookbook. Can’t wait to start make recipes from it! Talk soon! XOXO

What was the best thing you ate recently?



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