Clementine Chocolate Covered Dates

I’ve got a yummy holiday treat for you guys today! Clementine juice, dark chocolate, coconut oil covered dates. Super quick, incredibly easy, and unreal delicious.

What you need:

  • Bar of good chocolate, I chose Lindt dark chocolate + sea salt
  • 2 clementines
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • As many dates as you would like!


First, chop up the bar of chocolate with the coconut oil in a bowl.


Microwave for one minute, stir, and microwave for 15 second intervals, stirring in between each, until the chocolate is completely melted. Then, squeeze the juice of two clementines into the chocolate. Bonus – you get to eat the clementines after you squeeze!


Final step – dip the dates in! You can refrigerate them for 1 hour to get the chocolate hardened onto the date, but I was too excited to wait! You can also dip many different fruits into the mixture- my dad used a banana and loved it.


While it may look like a mud pile, it’s so good! It would look a lot prettier if I let it refrigerate. I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, talk to you here soon. 🙂 XOXO


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